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What is Exit Management?

Exit management is a term used when business owners want to either sell their business for a maximum profit or they want to retire to the countryside and leave someone else running the show, so they can continue earning an income from their hard work and dedication.

The problem is that not all business owners take this into consideration when they first start their businesses and many of these owners fall into the trap of being stuck in their business without the ability to get out when they want to.

For some business owners, they will work long and hard to ensure a successful business, often compromising their home lives to ensure the business success. Once the business becomes successful and they want to spend time with loved ones, they find they can’t. The business tends to fall apart when they are not there. The reason behind this is they didn’t plan in advance and didn’t have an exit management plan in place.

An effective exit management plan may be to build the business to a point where it appeals to buyers and enables the business owner to sell the business on for the maximum amount of profit, more than enough to retire on and live out their days in comfort.

Another effective solution is to put a management team in place, a team with the same goals and ideals you have that can run the business with ease. This way the business owner can stay away from the business and it continues to run, bringing in profits and paying the business owner a good income.

Start Up Businesses

New businesses can benefit from putting an exit management plan in place from day one. This way they have a way out ready for when they need it. No one knows what the future holds and a serious or terminal illness or injury can often leave a business owner with no other choice than to get out while they can.

Exiting Businesses

Existing businesses will find it harder to put an exit management plan in place. Which is why many business owners turn to the Exit Man for support, assistance and advice.

The Exit Man is owned and operated by Peter Vale, a specialist in business exit plans. This accomplished author and event speaker has run many successful businesses over the years. He has run companies in Australia, New Zealand and United Kingdom.

The one thing Peter noticed while running companies for business owners is that the owners had no way of getting out of their companies in a hurry, which is why he put his practical approach, knowledge and expertise into one of the most sought-after exit companies, the

Today Peter helps many business owners exit their company with the maximum amount of profit and with their health intact. The aim is to help these business owners get out in the shortest space of time.

Peter’s approach ensures business owners that feel trapped have a way to get out while they can without compromising their income for the future.