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Motorcycle Helmet: How To Choose A Retailer

Everyone takes a dive on a bike at some point. Whether it is a small slip-up or a bit wipe out, it just happens. No one gets to decide if it will be at a high speed on a roadway or on a racetrack. What is true for everyone, though, is that the motorcycle helmet reduces injuries by nearly 70 percent and instances of death by more than 40 percent. It is smart to wear one, but finding the right one is hard.

Choosing a motorcycle helmet should not be difficult, but it can be tricky. It is a very personal decision and needs to fit as if it were custom made to provide both safety and comfort for short or long rides alike. Moto1, or Moto One, is the top place to find everything for motorcycle riders in New Zealand.

The company provides free shipping when a $150 threshold is met. That is pretty easy to do where motorcycle accessories and parts are concerned. It is a plus because parts can be heavy as well, and otherwise, shipping costs would eat heavily into the savings that can be had through the Moto1 online shopping experience.

Motorcycle Helmet Characteristics

Every helmet is different in that they provide different features to support riders in their various adventures. They may include a face shield, the benefit of built-in ventilation, protection for the ears, or even intercom capabilities for motorcycle racers.

Start by determining whether the helmet is for a street bike, off-roading, touring, or cruising. This will guide the types of helmets that are suited to your riding style and needs. For instance, Moto1 recognizes the needs of different riders and has some with full face gear, open face and flip up, and also offer up adventure helmets as well.

The prices are varied to offer up something for every budget, from $100 to $700. They have many sizes available from the wide range of vendors.

Helmet Accessories And Parts

Moto1 also provides all of the accessories and parts necessary to improve the fit or continue the life of wear from a helmet. Get helmet liners, chin guards, strap clips, clear and tinted visors, visor mechanisms, chin vents, breath guards, tear off kits, cover plates, vents, visor ratchets, cheek pads and other accessories to improve the fit and sizing to accommodate a rider’s preferences and head size and facial features.

They offer more than 100 options to soup up or retrofit helmets. Get better wear out of them, or swap them, but know that a helmet that has had an impact might have been compromised. It could be that you will need a new helmet.

Moto One has all of the accessories that are necessary to outfit a rider with the motorcycle gear necessary to stay safe while looking good on their ride. Moto1 even includes a full line of every type of motorcycle helmet and accessory that is necessary to stay safe while going on any type of adventure.